5 Pearls of Wisdom for Wellness Programs

Keys to Launching & Sustaining a Successful Wellness Program

1) No ready, fire, aim! Before you launch anything create a strategic plan that includes the initial roll-out program and at least a one year outlook with proposed budget. The initial roll-out should address employee concerns which can be gathered in a variety of ways- you don’t want to be seen as big brother checking up on employees health. This is a bigger challenge than some executives realize at first.

2) Obtain top-down buy in. Make sure the senior management team is fully behind the initiative and understands what it means as far as employee time and commitment. This means that they not only agree to support the plan roll-out but that they will ‘allow’ their managers and subordinates to attend the various wellness events that are planned throughout the year.


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More Choices in Home Consumer Medical Devices

The American Heart Association has recently started to recommend home blood pressure monitors for use by patients with hypertension (high blood pressure), to help keep accurate daily readings. Most patients only have these readings taken during routine office visits or a trip to the local pharmacy, which typically isn’t all that often.

My mother has high blood pressure, for which she takes medication. She only gets her blood pressure taken during visits to her doctor, which happens every few months at best. I had asked her about a year ago if she was interested in getting a home blood pressure monitor as I’d seen loads of them advertised. Her reply shocked me. “No, my doctor said not to bother, she said those home units aren’t that reliable.”

So when I saw the latest news release from the American Heart Association I called her up immediately.


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